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Charter School Tools November Newsletter
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The Charter School Tools November newsletter is focusing on facility development and financing. This presentation was contributed by Joe Keeney, founder of Charter School Tools and 4th Sector Solutions.  The Charter School Facility Development & Financing tool includes topics regarding the facility development process, facility financing, and case studies.

In this article, Daniel Tropp with TeacherSpaceNY discusses the options charter schools have in regards to finding the right facility.

Facility Tools
Real Estate Due Diligence Checklist
The Real Estate Due Diligence checklist tool is a due diligence checklist for the acquisition of a commercial property. The list is not exhaustive but may include some items a charter school buyer may not have considered prior to negotiating or closing on a potential school property. 

This Finding Facility Financing article by Joe Keeney discusses the variety of forms facility financing can come. The article covers ways to fund your charter school and proposes solutions to charter school facility financing solutions.

 The Real Estate Strategic Planning Real Solutions to Real Challenges tool was presented at the 2011 Michigan Charter School Conference. This tool includes planning considerations, real estate considerations, and due diligence considerations.

Book of the Month

Often business executives serve (or are asked to serve) as board members of nonprofit organizations. However, without a clear understanding of how nonprofits work, service on a board can be a frustrating experience.

Joining a Nonprofit Board offers an important guide to the roles and responsibilities of a nonprofit board member. Marc J. Epstein and F. Warren McFarlan provide a step-by-step guide to how board members can work with a nonprofit organization to achieve the organization's overarching mission, attain financial sustainability, and develop and execute the systems needed to accomplish both.


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